Hi there, I’m back for some reflections on some art I’ve been working on.

A while back I wrote about my photography and tackling, as David Hockney calls it, the paralyzed cyclops. Mainly, I was dealing with what I was creating as well as the problem of taking what I took photos of and making it beautiful on the flat page (or screen).

These photo joiners (or joiners) were a joy as well as being a pain to deal with. But they managed to expand the eye of my camera and helped me take better care when creating them. …

What a year, right? Well, I’ve been busy at work (thankful that I can WFH), busy writing (though, I only got one published, but working on transferring more), busy with art. Some of it dark, and some, I may be doing all wrong.

We’ll see.

But I sense that 2020 will mainly be remembered for the pandemic. Even though it’s only 1 in a thousand people dead (in the US) and one can make comparisons to 1918 (through 1920) and how that killed more per 100k people and didn’t make a difference in terms of world events [1]. …

The fact that we got a medical cure for the covid virus this soon after the Chinese let the world know its genetic makeup, is something of a testament to how far we’ve come to understanding disease. Having read about the past and how little they knew, and how they blamed random things or habits or actions, it shows how far we’ve come. Modern science truly is an amazing thing. [1]

And yet, our reaction to what was a straight forward virus that we knew how to control. Hell, read this article and see how, if you were going to…

Lots of circular firing squads (some on the right, though I think that’s for show).

Screw that noise. GOTV.

Some of this, on the liberal/left side of things, sounds familiar. In fact, right before this most recent election all I saw in the liberal sites was chicken counting and people arguing about how much of a Green New Deal should be passed. I kept saying stop and just GOTV. That got me banned, and again I’ve been banned from liberal sites that would rather hand-wring and hippie punch than actually help to get out the vote. Better to keep the scream machine going, I…

At this point, there are a hundred ways to read the tea leaves of Donald’s Twitter pronouncements. Perhaps, like me, you’re hoping for a sign that things are going to get better for the Republic. Stop. Right now, the only thing that matters are grassroots movements and GOTV (and after the election, that doesn’t mean we just assume Biden will do what’s needed for us and the world).

Just remember, most of what the GOP does is project. So when they say there will be ballot fraud, they are the only ones who have been caught doing it and are…

They say hindsight is 2020

That you see the past clearly.

But they’ve never seen the past

All statues as odes to evil and looting then clutch pearls at the sight of a looted target

Made up from slave labor then and now.

And I’m thankful for the phones and their cameras which speak truth to power.

But behind it is a million dead for minerals mined by forced child labor and netting’s to make sure the workers don’t commit suicide right away.

Get to fucking work.

But really thanks for the camera phone and the social media behind it…

A nation, a people, a history.

this collage, an ode to Szczecin

Polin is what the Jewish population named this place they had come to call home. You see, I found this out in Warsaw. I had come prepared this trip, fully reading all I could in terms of fiction (a lot from Singer) and non-fiction.

How does one see and experience a country? Or a geographical place? Or a humanscape?

How to remember any of this? Go for cliche? For understanding?

I started writing a few words about Memorial Day. I wasn’t sure how to start, to be honest. True to my instincts, or perhaps defense mechanisms, I wanted to intellectualize the holiday. You know how some of the essays about the holiday seem to browbeat people, civilians usually, into thinking of those who died rather than seeing the day as the start of summer, or just another day off. Usually, posts like these have a couple different intentions. One kind looks at the sacrifice as a reason to keep silent about current policies. Another kind looks at sacrifice as a…

Yep, your own work.

Writing is filled with some sad moments. But also good ones!

I’m not sure if any of you have been listening into the wide world of Twitter or IG writers (or where ever) but there seems to be a little too much self-flagellation amongst us.

Much of this comes in the form of “oh I can’t stand what I write” and though this is true a lot of the times, it goes a little too far when that’s all you hear. …

Train entering New York

There a kiss of memory
Glide through the subway
rattle, shake hurtle. Hustle.
I’ve never not been here
New York, New York,
Loved you like you were my own
But the die rolled up one too much
Once in Central Park I was certain
I belonged.

Nelson Lowhim

Writer, Artist, Immigrant, & Veteran observing our mad dance of apes. Check out my Patreon & show some love: https://www.patreon.com/nlowhim

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