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4 min readDec 31, 2020

What a year, right? Well, I’ve been busy at work (thankful that I can WFH), busy writing (though, I only got one published, but working on transferring more), busy with art. Some of it dark, and some, I may be doing all wrong.

We’ll see.

But I sense that 2020 will mainly be remembered for the pandemic. Even though it’s only 1 in a thousand people dead (in the US) and one can make comparisons to 1918 (through 1920) and how that killed more per 100k people and didn’t make a difference in terms of world events [1]. Well, that it might or might not have made a difference to the world is debatable.

But the thing is it did make a difference in indirect ways. And I think, in general, pandemics tend to do this. Probably something to do with how a virus works in a divine way (to our ape minds, at least).

So the reactions to the 1918 pandemic are not studied enough. Another note is that the suppression of the news, much in line with what happened in WWI, meant that there isn’t much about the pandemic in our literary history [2]. But that doesn’t mean as much as one would think, IMO.

How many brains (besides Wilson’s) did the virus fry? Probably more than chemical weapons in WWI, but many people don’t think in those terms. They can see the easy cause and effect of the chemical weapons, but not the virus. Hell, until recently, I didn’t know that most viruses could wreak havoc on our nervous systems or brains (common viruses, or the flu can affect hearing, smell, erections, and cognitive functions long after they’re gone). I only thought a few could do that.

So, unfortunately, I think we’ve yet to see the worst of this virus, even after the vaccine has helped with herd immunity. Hell, given the rollout and the crazy out there (mistrust based on decades of elites treating trust as something they deserve and also a way to grift the public) we might not even get that.

And the reactions may be in ways none of us can predict. Messed up minds, messed up nervous systems, messed up senses of smell? Loss of trust in all gov systems can be added, even if Biden comes in and shows a modicum of sense.

The reason for that? The propaganda floating out there. Well, PR mixed with MSM’s complete uselessness when facing right wing power. To some level, there are some…

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