Nelson Lowhim
2 min readJun 21, 2020

They say hindsight is 2020

That you see the past clearly.

But they’ve never seen the past

All statues as odes to evil and looting then clutch pearls at the sight of a looted target

Made up from slave labor then and now.

And I’m thankful for the phones and their cameras which speak truth to power.

But behind it is a million dead for minerals mined by forced child labor and netting’s to make sure the workers don’t commit suicide right away.

Get to fucking work.

But really thanks for the camera phone and the social media behind it and the ubiquity of the machine because otherwise where would we be? At the mercy of MSM oligarchic arms that say come and spend forget about the movement.

But the movement is here.

Statues toppling and making me high on this supply.

Of course, you know me: no single person worth a pedestal.

Needs to be millions because the movement is always done by millions.

Propaganda always on a pedestal.

Time for a new kind of ode especially in these viral times.

And now those who loved that Saddam statues went down show themselves to really be the millions of little Saddams we have to worry about if SHTF.

But I am warmed in my heart to see the next generation do things so damn well. No quarter for slave holding apologists. Fuck them all.

And you know what? I’m not scared. We have the youth on our side. You?



Nelson Lowhim

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