Ignore the Noise. GOTV is All that Matters.

Nelson Lowhim
2 min readDec 7, 2020

Lots of circular firing squads (some on the right, though I think that’s for show).

Screw that noise. GOTV.

Some of this, on the liberal/left side of things, sounds familiar. In fact, right before this most recent election all I saw in the liberal sites was chicken counting and people arguing about how much of a Green New Deal should be passed. I kept saying stop and just GOTV. That got me banned, and again I’ve been banned from liberal sites that would rather hand-wring and hippie punch than actually help to get out the vote. Better to keep the scream machine going, I suppose. So forget them.


Don’t listen to the GOP in disarray bs, they’re not. They always fall in line ( I sometimes think, with Trump being as good as he is at creating a reality TV show for America, he’s trying to make it seem like he’s confused, when there’s a thrust to that chaos). Good for them.

What was that? Oh yeah, GOTV and never look back.

Dec 7th is the votefwd.org deadline to send out letters , btw, so get to letter writing (as I am).

Yeah, sure the right and iTrump are trying to steal the POTUS election, but there’s still Georgia that we need to stay on top of.[1] So, here are some good campaigns for you to spend time on.

You from GA? (or you have friends and family there, then contact them and make sure they’re good to go). Well make sure you’re registered to vote.

Votefwd is all about letter writing. Right now it’s voter registration and next it will be getting people to vote. So start up!

Fairfight is Stacey Abrams and given that she’s mainly behind the GA flip, well, do as she says! The donate button on that page takes us right to this. So splurge some cash. Volunteer nationally or in GA. Seems that you can text and call (non-GA peeps).

Then there’s the two Senator’s campaigns.

Warnock is here.

Ossoff’s campaign is here.

PEC has this GA voter registration Drive including some other methods you can use to help. (and PEC here showing letter writing could work though in person canvassing is the best)

Let me know if I should add any!

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