Your Analysis Doesn’t Matter. GOTV.

Nelson Lowhim
2 min readOct 7, 2020

At this point, there are a hundred ways to read the tea leaves of Donald’s Twitter pronouncements. Perhaps, like me, you’re hoping for a sign that things are going to get better for the Republic. Stop. Right now, the only thing that matters are grassroots movements and GOTV (and after the election, that doesn’t mean we just assume Biden will do what’s needed for us and the world).

Just remember, most of what the GOP does is project. So when they say there will be ballot fraud, they are the only ones who have been caught doing it and are doing it now to Democratic areas. Don’t despair, of course, since they want you to not vote. What should you do?


So get out there and make sure you’re registered, or perhaps others are registered. That means text, msg, and call everyone you know to make sure they’re good to go. Then, oh, man, what did I say?

Oh yeah GOTV.

Yeah, I too have wasted time this weekend, but now’s the time to get back on that horse:

So here are those links yet again (and another link on what the best way to go about it. Basically get good at one thing for one candidate and do that. Better than switching tasks, right?):

So here, try to do something rather than doomscroll, as remember, doing a denial of services attack against us all is part of Trump’s plan. So don’t fret, act:

The Senate is also important, so Actblue is place you can donate.

Swing Left has a virtual phone bank you can participate in (and some other ways like donations etc).

Resistance Labs is where you can text to get out the vote.

Vote Forward is a way to do postcards to help improve voter turnout.

Princeton Election Consortium has a list of races where your money will make the most difference. They have Senate races by “power” (where your money, and ostensibly your time, goes the furthest). Currently the most important states are: MT>KS>AR>SC>ME. So see if you can do something or spend some $ there.

Here’s the one for the Presidential race. Currently, the states where you can have the most influence are: AR>NV>PA>NC>AR>GA. So give those a try. Note that this is a little different from 538’s polls which show the closest states being: PA, NC, OH, FL, GA, IA, TX, AR, WI. So If you spend your time or money there, that’s fine too.

And one for redistricting, if you’re interested.

Also, if you need to make a plan: here. Or one thing you can do.

Of course this doesn’t mean that our work is over even if the Dems win (there will still be work to do), but it’s a good first step. Let me know if I’ve missed something.

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